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Status: Available
Age: 10Weeks Old
Registration: AKC
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✅ Vet Checked
✅ Up to Date Vaccinations
✅ Neutered
✅Crate Trained
✅House Trained
✅ Health Guarantee
✅ Child Friendly
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Buy Paris French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Bred primarily as companion dogs, Frenchies crave all the love and affection we humans have to offer. They’re just as satisfied playing with kids and other dogs as they are being a couch potato. Goofy, yet intelligent, French bulldogs make an easygoing best friend for any dog lover.
If your idea of the perfect pet is a pint-sized comedian with a special gift for napping, meet the French bulldog.
These charming pups love to play just as much as they love to snuggle up on their owner’s lap to take a snooze.  They won’t get taller than 13 inches at the shoulder, making them a great option for city dwellers. It doesn’t take much space to keep a Frenchie happy. This breed has an easy going  personality and they make wonderful companions for families, children, or seniors. They’re easy to groom and easy to please, and they thrive on human contact
While Frenchies do enjoy playing, they’re just as happy to sit at your feet while you work or curl up on your lap to snooze. “[If you are] the owner of a Frenchie—or shall I say if you are owned by a Frenchie—don’t expect an outdoor dog that can go jogging and then go to the beach on a hot sunny day,” Smith says. “They do not do well in extreme heat because of their flat face. … They are not great swimmers due to their body weight versus length of leg.”.Buy Paris French Bulldog

Buy Paris French Bulldog

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