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Sex :Female
Status: Available
Age: 18 Weeks Old
Registration: AKC
What’s Included:
✅ Vet Checked
✅ Up to Date Vaccinations
✅ Neutered
✅Crate Trained
✅House Trained
✅ Health Guarantee
✅ Child Friendly
✅ Pet Friendly

Buy Astra French bulldog


Weekly brushing should ensure that any Frenchie’s coat stays handsome and healthy. They’ll require a bath about once a month, giving extra attention to their hallmark wrinkles to make sure they don’t get infected. Owners also need to regularly check their bulldog’s skin for lesions or scabs and see a vet right away should anything seem out of the ordinary.

Like many breeds, a French bulldog needs to learn how to socialize from a young age. They can be very protective and possessive of their humans. So long as they are socialized as puppies, Frenchies get along great with new faces and other dogs or cats.

If a little drool on the furniture bothers you, a Frenchie might not be the breed for you. They can also be difficult to potty train. They are intelligent, yet free spirited, so they may dig in their heels when it comes to appeasing commands. Training a Frenchie will take a little patience and a lot of treats, but they respond well to positive reinforcement and praise for good behavior. Just stick with it and your little guy will come around.

Buy Astra French bulldog

Buy Astra French bulldog

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